About Mirador

Mirador, LLC is the leading provider of bespoke portfolio performance reporting solutions for high net-worth families & family offices, wealth management firms, and endowments & foundations. In partnership with the pre-eminent data providers in the wealth management space, Mirador will implement and/or operate the technology suite which is best suited for your needs and will provide you with the fully customized reporting solutions you define. Financial reporting for significant wealth is what we do…and it is the only thing we do.

We understand that as investment professionals, your report card is the output of these systems. The reports, graphs and conclusions must be accurate and timely. There must always be a timely answer for the most common question – “This number looks wrong”. For Mirador, success is defined by our ability to increase the accuracy and completeness of your reporting process, to allow you to reallocate both economic and human capital towards portfolio management and investment selection and finally, to enhance both the process behind and the presentation of the performance of the assets with which you have been entrusted.

Founded in 2015, Mirador’s staff are former operations & technology staff from family offices and wealth management firms. As subject matter experts in performance reporting, we understand financial instruments & terminology, back-office & reporting best practices and how to leverage the technology solutions’ capabilities. Mirador’s full-service offering serves as the outsourced reporting operations team for our clients.

Mirador has offices in Connecticut, New York, and Salt Lake City. Mirador’s supports the performance reporting requirements of Family Offices, Wealth and Asset Managers and Foundations throughout the United States, Western Europe, and Australia.