What We Do


We create financial pictures that leave nothing to the imagination.

We update all the data. We manage all the software. We present you with a comprehensive and intuitive view of all your assets — regardless of where or how they’re held or valued. Most importantly, we provide accurate, timely and actionable insights that help you instantly see things in your financial picture you never could before. 



All your holdings. All the metrics.

You can view portfolio performance, risk, and ownership of all assets regardless of where they are held or how they are valued. Intuitive and clear, our service takes the work and anxiety out of understanding exactly what your financial picture looks like right now — so you have a better idea of where to go next.





    Mirador takes you far beyond the typical fundamental reports and graphs you’re used to. Mirador collaborates with you to make hidden insights obvious. We call it Intelligent Assistance.



    What’s my net worth? How’s my performance? Where am I at risk?

    From basic facts to answers to questions you never thought to ask before, you’ll finally have the peace of mind you’ve been missing.